I am not shy in saying this, but I love DINZ. The brand was launched in 2007 by Dina and Rima Zahran – two sisters who are of Palestinian origin, born and raised in Spain, but are now based Dubai. DINZ is a mix of Arab and western influences combined together to create gorgeous style items.

What started off as a creative project by the designers by getting plain white t-shirts and hand painting them as they could not find nice enough t-shirts that fit right with a pair of jeans and heels, has now gone on to become one of the Middle-East most loved and successful brands.

You’ll be hearing so much more about DINZ and the amazing DINZ girls in the coming year and as proud sponsors of this year’s Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), I wanted to share a little bit of the genius of the brand with you!

My Favourite Picks!


One of the first items introduced by DINZ, was the famous ‘Ghutra’ scarves which in 2007 sold 100,000 pieces worldwide! I have two of these and I absolutely LOVE them! They jazz up all outfits and in this ridiculous cold snap London is having at the moment, they also keep me very warm 🙂


DINZ have designed so many amazing T-Shirts over the past 3 years, but here are my favourite pieces…


Honestly, every girl needs a pair of DINZ ‘perfect fit’ jeans in their wardrobe. Perfect for strutting your stuff and look amazing with heels 🙂


My must have piece…

DINZ Statement Necklace

I’m not even going to lie to you. When I saw this piece I messaged Dina Zahran immediately to put an order in for it!

My favourite ‘Habibi’ bracelets!

‘Habibi’ Rings!

Gold-Plated ‘Hand of Fatima’ Bracelet

Cupcake Bracelet


DINZ also has an awesome line of mens T-Shirts and scarves, but my two favourite picks from the collection are the following…

Dubai Skyline T-Shirt

Arabic Numbers T-Shirt

As a huge DINZ fan, I can’t rave about the brand enough, but I guarantee you this, wear one of their items and the compliments will come pouring in. And I love supporting a brand whose designers are just as fabulous as the brand they designer for. Dina and Rima are both wonderful and having known Dina when we both had dodgy hair many years ago, I have to say I’m so happy for their success!

DINZ is available at throughout the Middle East and Internationally!

For more information, please visit their websites:




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