Carmen Dell’Orefice: The World’s Oldest Model

In an age obsessed with youth and beauty, Carmen Dell’Orefice is a welcome reminder that the two are not inextricably linked. The veteran model this weekend celebrated her 80th birthday as she continues to be a hit on the catwalk. The style icon and birthday girl has been modelling ever since she got on the cover of Vogue in 1946 at 15 years old.

In her 66 year career, Ms Dell’Orefice has graced the cover of Vogue six times and been the face of 14 cosmetic campaigns, including the following one for Chanel No.5.

At 80, she’s still walking the runways. Most recently, she’s walked for John Galliano, Hermes and Alberta Ferretti!

A true inspiration to growing old gracefully and with a tonne of class – a role model to admire.


One thought on “Carmen Dell’Orefice: The World’s Oldest Model

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