About Moi

My fifteen minutes started an hour ago…

As I’m not the best person to describe myself, here are 25 random facts about me!

1. I am the party!

2. I adore candy and have stashes of it in my apartment.

3. I make myself laugh. And I talk out loud to myself when I’m angry.

4. I’m a HUGE Arsenal fan!

5. I love photography. And I love displaying photographs the old-fashioned way in albums and picture frames.

6. I LOVE shopping. No I’m obsessed with shopping. If I could do it every day for the rest of my life I’d be content!

7. I have issues with people who have bad taste in fashion.

8. I am obsessed with shoes!

9. The most frequently played song on my iPod is “Bewafa” which basically means “Unfaithful”. Go figure.

10. I wanted to be a teacher, but I did a teacher training course and the boys in class hit on me and I was advised against it! No joke!

11. My camera was stolen on my 21st birthday and I am still hoping someone will find it and return the film to me.

12. I think a part of me will always believe in fairytales even though they never (well almost never) come true.

13. I have a thing for make-up. I hardly use it, but buy tonnes of it, especially if it looks pretty!

14. I once wanted to be a pirate.

15. I love playing board games and the original Super Nintendo

16. I love reading and love to escape to the library whenever I need a time out from the world.

17. I have a crush on someone right now.

18. I’ve only ever been in love once.

19. I can’t live without music.

20. I want to travel as much as I possibly can before I die.

21. I love singing and dancing and acting like a child whenever I can!

22. My best friend is the same person who risked it all to say ‘Hello’ on February 5th 2000 outside the Odeon in Kensington.

23. I want my own reality TV show.

24. I love sitting with my girlfriends and laughing until we cry and fall of the bed!

25. My nicknames are Money, Peach, Pinky, GooGoo and Trouble. I quite like the last one πŸ˜‰

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