Best. Birthday. Ever!


I don’t make statements that I can’t back up, but this year I had the best birthday ever! I don’t think it is possible to laugh or feel so much love ever, but my family and friends made this year so unbelievably memorable that it will be so hard to top this year’s madness! One pool party, a game of racket ball that ended up in many an odd flying ball, some very questionable jello shots, a ridiculous amount of junk food, so many birthday cakes and the most importantly, being surrounded by everyone I love!1969360_10152282915753680_393600312_n1920026_10152280299243680_130511480_n1509150_10152282917863680_1907229361_n10150550_10152282916358680_784442197_n1525695_10152279667753680_2022198307_n10014660_10152282919668680_682104503_nIMG_20140322_070116IMG_20140322_140937

The party started at 2pm and continued until almost 8am. I had to give up and concede defeat at that point and head to bed, but it was one of the best days I’ve had in so long thanks to every single person who came and celebrated with me. Having my brother, Alaa, Omar and Lebs there too made it so much more special as KFA was well and truly represented (KFA was our school in London) and then coupled with all the amazing people I adore in Dubai sharing the day with me, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

Thank you Jeska, Chloe, Yousef, Zeyad, Amine, Rashid, Hasan, Emma, Zanetta, Stephan, Tiya, Milica, Avi, Donna, Zak, Adel, Ali, Susan, Moe, Omar, Sam, Alaa, Osama, Lebs, Lucy, Aloo3, Mino, Saina, Rashed and any other person I may have missed in this post. I love you all very much and thank you for making my day, our special day! Homies for life!

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