Happy Independence Day Pakistan!

I have to admit that I don’t wear Asian clothes very often. Weddings and Eid are probably the only time you will see me in something traditional, but on what is the 64th Independence Day of Pakistan, I thought I’d dedicate a special post to some of the stunning Asian clothes I have.

The blue and pink creation that I’m wearing above is actually vintage. I fell in love with this as soon as my mum showed it to me. It’s something that she’s worn and kept safe for years and I decided to wear it last year at my cousin’s wedding in London. My sister, Laila, wore a black two-piece outfit which she bought from a boutique in London.

The hot pink shalwar kameez in this montage was made for me by my mum’s awesome tailor in Pakistan. It had the most stunning neckline encrusted in swarovski crystals and was worn with trousers. The black and purple outfit was actually a creation by me and my mum. Going to another wedding, I honestly had a last-minute wardrobe crisis, so mum found this stunning sixties sequin dress which we paired with some palazzo-style pants and black and grey scarf. Somehow it all came together and was a dream to wear and gave me the flexibility to run around after my nieces and nephews and also DJ – my first time at any event!

Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Pakistani’s. I’m off to blast some Imran Khan now.


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