Review: Calvin Klein Liquid Gold

Calvin Klein Euphoria Liquid Gold Women

So this little bottle of liquid gold (see what I did there?) just landed on my fragrance shelf. Calvin Klein’s latest fragrance in the Euphoria range is one heady ride into luxury!

With top notes of black pepper, dry notes of sandalwood and a sprinkling of saffron mid-notes, Calvin Klein Euphoria Liquid Gold is definitely one of the most strong and spicy scents to grace my skin. In fact, its one of the few fragrances that when I put on in the morning, smells just as strong at night. So if you’re looking for a scent that will last, this is definitely the one for you.


You all probably know that I am a sucker for packaging and when I received this perfume my heart was set aflutter by the box alone! The extravagant black and gold packaging features a detailed, embossed Middle Eastern-inspired pattern and then bottle are a gorgeous matte gold shell with shiny black opaque glass. Totally screams luxury. In fact, yesterday my friend Emma was over at my apartment and spied the bottle from a mile away and her first comment was “Ooooh pretty!!” It’s definitely a show-stopper!

Calvin Klein Euphoria Liquid Gold is a available to purchase now at department stores and in Sephora. If you like strong, masculine, spicy scents that elude mystery and luxury, this one is definitely for you!


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