My week with the Lincoln MKZ


If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, over the past week you may have seen me hashtag #LincolnMKZ quite a bit. That’s because the lovely people at Lincoln gave me a car to test drive and it was literally love at first drive!


I’m a serious car fanatic and nothing feels quite like driving a new car for the first time in my opinion. I was super excited to drive the Lincoln MKZ because I’d heard so much about it from the Dubai Motor Show and  literally couldn’t wait to get behind the steering wheel of this baby.


For me the car was all about the on-board touch screen navigation/entertainment system. EVERYTHING is controlled by touch. There isn’t even a gearbox – it’s all controlled at the push of a button! I could even start the car from outside whilst walking out my building! How cool is that?! It took a little getting used to, but now I don’t think I could drive another car without looking for the panel of buttons!

The car synced seamlessly with my phone as well making hands-free a dream! The two internal USB ports were also super helpful as I was able to plug in my iPod and blast out my favourite songs whilst driving and have either my phone or one of my girlfriend’s phone charging at the same time. Trust me this was a god send as us girls have a minor freak out when the dreaded “Battery Low” indicator starts flashing on our phones!



So my favourite part of the week was a very impromptu road trip with my favourite girlfriends, Jeska, Susan and Zanetta to Abu Dhabi. Monday night the girls decided that as I had a luxury car, it was only right to drive it down to the Yas Viceroy and who am I to deny a road trip! 4 girls, 4 suitcases, one iPod and a pit stop for gas and we were off on our mini-adventure. I have to say that the car drives like an absolute dream! So smooth on the road and even my guy friends were super impressed with the car. Hey if they car gets a nod from the boys, then its a keeper!

DSC_0279 photo

Now a week is never complete without a trip or 5 to the mall. I hate mall parking lots. The whole idea of driving round and round looking for a parking space, especially at Dubai Mall, gives me anxiety. But with the Lincoln MKZ I was soooo relaxed. The on-board parking sensor was a life saver too and a cheeky pair of Louboutins later, I was back on the road! Another feature of the car that I was in love with was the 15.2 square-foot retractable Panoramic Roof, a new signature feature for Lincoln and is currently one of the largest openings available on any current sedan car. Imagine a gloriously sunny day in Dubai with the roof pulled down, music on and driving down Beach Road without a care in the world. One word: Bliss!

Side note: I had a meeting with Dubai’s very own DJ Bliss and the Lincoln MKZ was parked outside his office. After the meeting when I was setting off, he actually came outside and gave me a thumbs up on the car! Acknowledgement from a guy who knows his cars – result!

DSC_0286 DSC_0287

I have to include what the car looks like at night. I was especially impressed with how the lights of the car automatically turn on when visibility is low and the attention to detail on the car’s interior with the lights was super cool! I also have to mention that I drove this car a lot! And by that I mean, a hell of a lot! But what surprised me the most about it was how economical the car was when it came to gas. I only had to fill the tank up once (it came with a full tank when I received it) and I drove it back and forth from Abu Dhabi twice, all around Dubai daily for 10 days and there was still gas in the tank when I had to give it back. Now from a girl who is used to filling up gas in the car in London so often, and at a much less economical rate may I add, this was truly a bonus point!



Overall I was really impressed with the Lincoln MKZ. For all you car freaks out there here are the specs:

Engine: 3.7L, 4 Valve, V6

Horsepower: 300 hp

Torque: 277 ft-lb

Transmission: 6-speed Selectshift Automatic with Paddle Shifter

Retail Price: AED 160,000

I had to throw in a few car selfies as I spent so much time driving over the past week that the car became a second home. I truly am sad that my time with the Lincoln MKZ has come to an end, but as I am looking to purchase a new car over the next 3 months, this car has given me some serious food for thought! Until the next time…….






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