Fashion Forward Season 2


Fashion Forward Season 2 took place over Eid weekend in October in Dubai and I don’t think I’ve had a busier 4 day schedule this year! Not only was I attending the shows as “media” but I had my lovely jewellery client, Azza Bijou, exhibiting in The Garden and another client, artist Hala Salem-Achillas in Dubai attending the shows and parties with me too. Queue all time-management skills from many years of event planning and I just about pulled it off!


The hardest part of Fashion Forward for me was trying to juggle all PR duties whilst trying to figure out what to wear every day! I have to admit that I wore in my Louboutins well that week, but my life saver was the By Malina leather jacket I wore over most outfits. Best investment piece this year! Oh and accessories became my best friend, especially layering multiple necklaces over one another for an alternative, edgy look. Even one of the bouncers working at Fashion Forward, who I know from my favourite club in Dubai, People by Crystal, commented on how well the accessories seemed to be working for me. Thanks Asif!

IMG_0149 IMG_0154


Just a quick note on my favourite show of this season by KAGE. The collection was fun, sporty and flirtatious and definitely one I will be investing in for S/S 2014. I’m all about fun fashion for 2014 and this collection hit it out of the park for me! Can’t wait to see what Season 3 of Fashion Forward has in store for us next year.



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