I ♥ Palestyle

I was introduced to one of the most socially responsible fashion brands earlier this year and just had to tell you about it. Palestyle was founded in 2009 by Zeina Abou Chaaban, a young Palestinian woman living in the UAE. Palestyle brings “trendy fashion with a Palestinian flavours” to the whole world. Palestyle uses handmade embroidery & Arabic Calligraphy to reflect the warmth of the culture.

Palestyle empowers refugee women in need, mostly in refugee camps of Jordan as well as Lebanon & Palestine, by giving them an income against their work, a percentage of sale from all items and most importantly, allowing them a chance to share their embroidery heritage with the world. The percentage of sales is either extended to them directly to help cover their living expenses or to causes – various organisations supporting the women.

Palestyle carries a range of beautiful handbags and glamorous accessories and the range is produced from high quality materials, including leathers, gold plates, Swarovski crystals and handmade embroidery.

Palestyle Clutch Bags

Palestyle Wallets

Palestyle Jewellery

Palestyle Belts

Each piece of the Palestyle collection is “signed off” with distinct Palestinian Embroidery which tells the story of the social & geographic landscape of Palestine or Arabic Calligraphy carrying a personalized message of love to every woman. Designs can even be customised to your personal tastes!

These unique & exclusive designs make great personal gifts & create a community of “Palestylers”, those who proudly reflect love, culture & hope.

Palestyle is available at Bloomingdales, Dubai Mall and Salam Stores, Wafi.

Its is also available at Ounass in Abu Dhabi Marina Mall, Arab Museum of Modern Arts Doha and Al-Aali Mall in Bahrain.

Furthermore, Palestyle is available at Fashion ComPassion in the UK.

Orders are also taken on the Palestyle website and you can follow Palestyle on their Facebook page.


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