Outfit du Jour: Pink Matter

I have been told to wear more colour and what better way to go about it than in all out pink! This Alice & Trixie dress is the one I wore to the “Ramadan Reveals” event at Rivaage Boutique event last week and by far one of my favourite pieces in my closet. Continue reading


Outfit du Jour: Gleeful Delight

So apparently I look like Rachel Berry from Glee! This admission came from my amazing photographer Frank who has been helping me with all my latest Outfit du Jour shots recently. He’s absolutely amazing and one of the nicest people I have worked with so far in Dubai. He doesn’t even complain when his camera lens steams up when I drag him out for outfit shots in the 45+ degree heat! Continue reading

Outfit du Jour: Chasing Dreams

Me and the bestie hit up Mall of the Emirates a few weeks ago before she went on holiday and I think I ended up buying more than she did. Typical Seher. One item I fell in love with was this Jane Norman maxi dress. It had this Temperley-esque look to it and made me feel like I was in a romantic movie – all that was missing was a horse-drawn carriage and a gorgeous guy, possibly of the Harvey Spector variety! Hell a girl can dream can’t she? Continue reading

Outfit du Jour: Colour me Purple

I love colour! Nothing brightens up my day more than a beautiful bouquet of colourful flowers or raiding stationery stores for more and more vibrant coloured pens and post-it notes! Today’s Outfit du Jour is my ode to colour just because it makes me happy! Continue reading

Outfit du Soir: But It’s Not Even My Birthday…

Oh Dima Ayad, how I adore you! The second dress gifted to me from her “Butterflies” Spring/Summer 2012 collection is a masterpiece featuring an asymmetric hem, an off-the-shoulder cut and plenty of sparkle – perfect for me on my glamourous escapades around Dubai. Continue reading

Outfit du Jour: Dreaming of Butterflies

When I first saw the Spring/Summer 2012 “Butterflies” collection from one of my favourite Dubai-based designers, Dima Ayad, I absolutely fell in love. So when Dima generously gifted me 2 stunning pieces from the collection, it was if my birthday came early. Continue reading

Outfit Du Jour: Coral and Starfish

Last week I was chosen by The-Qode, as one of the bloggers in Dubai to come to the beautiful 1915 by Seddiqi store and pick a watch of my choice from their fabulous selection of fashion watches. I chose a stunning watch from Guess, perfect for my busy lifestyle as it transitions from day to night effortlessly. Continue reading