Music Mondays – PYAO Vol.2!!

Music Mondays is back with the latest mix from DJ Bliss – PYAO Vol.2!

The latest high energy mix from Blissoo is my personal favourite as it is an unexpected change from what Bliss normally treats us to. Trust him to switch things up!

Download the mix from Soundcloud or by visiting DJ Bliss’ website and get ready to party your a** off!!



Music Mondays: Afrojack

My friend’s all mess around and say that I’m going to marry a DJ and to be fair I most probably will! There is just something about DJs that I am drawn to…I just can’t explain it! Continue reading

Music Mondays: Mary J Blige & Drake

It’s the song I’ve had on repeat most of the week. Ever since I heard this song last year, I keep getting drawn back to it, kind of like Imran Khan’s “Bewafa”. It’s just one of those songs that is laced with meaning and makes me sit back and really take a minute for myself.

Mary J. Blige featuring Drake – Mr. Wrong is my choice for this week’s Music Monday. Enjoy!

Music Mondays: Backstreet Boys

I may love R’n’B and HipHop music more than anything in the world and have an obsession with house music that takes me to other universe at times, but the true love of my music life is and always will be the Backstreet Boys!

With news released this week that the boys are set to reunite with former band mate Kevin Richardson and release a new album and tour, this is music to my ears! Cuss me all you want, but I ♥ BSB!!

Tell me you weren’t singing along to that?! Aaah the memories of this song take me right back to high school and a certain trip to Sussex and a very hysterical impromptu dance routine that involved walking out of my friend Raneem’s cupboard. Good times!

Music Mondays: Drake

This week’s edition of “Music Mondays” is dedicated to my love, Drake. I absolutely love this guy! His song “The Motto” has become our motto…I mean we don’t go a day without saying “YOLO” at least twice.

This week Ashton Kutcher punk’d Drake in what has to be one of the funniest sketches I’ve seen to date. I’m in tears of laughter!

Music Mondays: Lana Del Rey

There is something about Lana Del Rey. The girl exudes a certain “je nais se quoi” that is hard to put my finger on. But one thing is for sure – I absolutely LOVE her!

This week Lana took on the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival red carpet in a stunning Alberta Ferretti gown.

How gorgeous does she look? And WOW to that hair!! I’m off to contemplate dying my hair now so I’ll leave you with some Lana…

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans

Music Mondays: Rihanna

It’s the song most frequently played on my iPod this week. Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been?” is the song that gets me off my butt dancing in a club every single week and the accompanying video for the song is one of RiRi’s most energetic and theatrical to date!

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