Reunion with Baby Sis!


There is no one in the world that I love as much as my sister. They say that sisters have bonds that are unbreakable and that has to be said about myself and my sister Laila. It had been almost a year and a half when Laila and I were reunited in September and those 10 days went by SO unbelievably fast, but we made sure we made memories to last! Continue reading


Birthday Celebrations for Mr Shef Codes!


One the first clients we signed to XO PR was my very dear friend, Shefan Lantra, aka Mr Shef Codes. Not only is Shef one of the most amazing friends that I have, but he is genuinely one of the most talented DJs in Dubai. This weekend we celebrated his birthday in style at 411 and it was BANANAS! Continue reading

Confessions of a Shoe Addict: Giuseppe Zanotti Python High Tops

I am not a sneakerhead at all, but spending time with one of my closest friends, Shefan Lantra aka Mr Shef Codes, I have learnt a lot this year about sneakers (or trainers as us Brits refer to them).

 Glamorous sneakers, especially high-tops are the must-have shoes of the season. So if I must invest in a pair what better designer to look to for fabulous styles than Giuseppe ZanottiContinue reading

Ramadan Reveals at Rivaage Boutique

On Tuesday night, I was honoured to host the “Ramadan Reveals” event at Rivaage Boutique alongside fellow bloggers Teresa from Style Drifter and Louisa from Vintage Runways. Guests were treated to the yummiest of goodies whilst browsing the stunning collections in the boutique. They even had the chance to have traditional henna painting done on their hands! Continue reading

The Blackberry Archive – Part 3

God bless the camera feature on phones. I no longer have to worry if I’ve left my camera at home because I am always able to snap away with my Blackberry and boy have I been snapping away a lot since the last feature. Here are some of my highlights. Continue reading