Nicole Richie for InStyle Australia

A lot of people end up on my blog when they search for Australian brand, J’Aton Couture. I first featured J’Aton Couture when I started my blog after being shown their designs by my friend’s wife Yalda. Ever since, I have been absolutely in love with their creations.

Nicole Richie takes to the cover of the September issue of InStyle Australia in a J’Aton masterpiece and I for one am smitten! Could she look any more flawless? LOVE this!!


J’Aton Couture

I love being recommended new designers from friends, but my discovery of J’Aton Couture came from a dear friend’s wife, who is a fan of Candy & Couture, so I want to thank Yalda for this post! After doing my homework and several hours fawning over dress after dress, I can honestly tell you I am in love! Continue reading