Review: Calvin Klein Liquid Gold

Calvin Klein Euphoria Liquid Gold Women

So this little bottle of liquid gold (see what I did there?) just landed on my fragrance shelf. Calvin Klein’s latest fragrance in the Euphoria range is one heady ride into luxury! Continue reading


Footballers and Fashion

Footballers and Fashion – do they go well? As long as Beckham stays out of that god-awful sarong he wore a few years back, I think there is a definite merit to the marriage of football and fashion. For many years we’ve seen an increase in the number of gorgeous footballers fronting campaigns for International fashion houses and why not? They have millions adoring fans all over the world which is perfect for brands wanting to market their products on a global scale.

Here’s a look at some of the best campaigns over the past few years.

Freddie Ljungberg for Calvin Klein

David Beckham was the face of Armani Underwear for several year and shot on hot campaign with wife, Victoria as well

Barcelona ace, Gerard Piqué for H.E by Mango

Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo took over from David Beckham as the face of Armani Underwear

French superstar, Zinedine Zidane fronted a campaign for Yojhi Yamamoto’s Y-3 range

Back in 2007, Arsenal legend Thierry Henry, collaborated on a line with American designer, Tommy Hilfiger

Former Liverpool player Jamie Redknapp is currently fronting the Marks & Spencer’s Menwear Collection

The Italian National football team wear the face of Dolce & Gabbana’s underwear line last year

Admit it girls! How many times have you ogled pictures of these men over the years and secretly wished you were a WAG?! Fashion designers we really appreciate you choosing footballers to front your campaigns. Its one of our guilty pleasures in life!