F1 Weekend Roundup 2013


Every year I look forward to the Abu Dhabi F1 weekend, but this year was EXTRA special as not only was baby bro in town for all the action, but his best friend from childhood (and my adopted brother!) Mohammed was also in town to join in with all the shenanigans!


To be honest, most of my excitement over this year’s F1 weekend was due to seeing Jay Z in concert. Last year I gave away my tickets to the “Watch the Throne” tour as I was stuck working on a project so sent baby bro in my place and his voice notes to me that night had me kicking myself! Alas, all was not lost as seeing Jay Z in Abu Dhabi on the opening night of our F1 was definitely one of my highlights! Even a blown generator at the Du Arena didn’t dampen the mood and proved what a professional and incredibly talented artist Jay Z is.


Our hotel proved to be the main hub of most of our shenanigans over the weekend. In between the yachts, concerts, parties and after-parties, the Park Rotana suite we were staying in was actually the main party destination for us! The boys cooked, the girls played cricket and we all watched the football in between all the Yas Island frolics! Thank you for the delicious goodies you left in our suite every night too. They were much appreciated at 6am when we got home!

yas-island-f1-race-weekend-720652_49IMG_3104 IMG_0361

No F1 weekend is complete without all the artists on the island for performances. We pretty much made the VIP Room pop-up club at the Radisson our home for 3 nights with performances from The Game and Busta Rhymes providing our nightly entertainment. My friend Lucy even commented that she got Busta Rhymes sweat in her eye on closing night. LOL!

IMG_3108 yas-island-f1-race-weekend-720653_87 IMG_0371

Once again the memories made during those 3 days will stay with me forever. I’m so glad I had my brothers, their other halves and my best friend, Khalfan with me. Over one long weekend we firmly cemented family status, shared so many laughs and ate more cheese than I can begin to describe!


Until next year F1.Thank you for the memories…You never disappoint me!

p.s. Bunnie I love you xxx








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