Exclusive Interview with Malin Andrén


Yes so I went off the blogging grid again! I know I promised to try and stay focused, but I lost my mojo somewhere after my last few posts and honestly haven’t had time to dedicate to C&C. But I’ve decided to kick myself in the arse (metaphorically speaking coz I don’t think it is physically possible to do so!) and get back to what I love, especially as I’ve got to interview some fabulous people over the past few months starting off with the lovely Malin Andrén, designer behind By Malina.



You may not of heard of Malina yet, but rested assured you will be hearing more about this talented designer soon. Malin Andrén is the founder and designer of By Malina. Originally from Sweden, Malin studied fashion in both Stockholm and New York. She also lived four years in Hong Kong where she worked with production for several Scandinavian brands such as Acne, H&M and Gina Tricot. After years of learning fabrics, materials and the production line, she decided to start By Malina in 2009.

By Malina designs and produces dresses in 100% pure, hand-printed silk. Only the finest korean silk is used for all parts of the dresses, including every lining and thread! I got to quiz Malina during this year’s Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience where I also got to wear some of her stunning pieces; a sequin gold dress which was to-die-for paired with a stunning leather biker which I have to have in my closet!! Check out the pic of myself, Lailli from Pintsized Fashionista and my darling Kal at the Fashion Avenue during #VFDE. It was a night to remember!


What is the inspiration behind your current collection?

The Spring/Summer 2014 collection is inspired by the boho-chic Ibiza lifestyle and the spiritual, pleasure-loving and luscious life of this sunny Mediterranean island. The collection is all about the woman who wears comfortable, luxurious, and loose fitting clothes in the finest materials. 
Her look exudes an easy, laid-back glamour that suits the beach as well as the most chichi evening soirees.

Why did you become a fashion designer?

I studied fashion design and always knew I wanted to work in this business, not necessarily as a designer.

Which model would you like to walk in your fashion show?

Naomi Campbell maybe – her skin tone will be beautiful with our strong prints!

Which celebrity would you like to see wear your pieces?

Beyoncé would be great!

What fabric do you like working with the most?

Silk is my favorite, its what I started to do and still my biggest material in each collection.

What item should every woman have in her closet?

A dress of course! I like to wear less pieces in a outfit, blouse and jeans, dress or just leather jacket and a T-shirt. It really shouldn’t be more complicated than that!

How did you find the first ever Vogue Fashion Experience Dubai?

I was asked during London Fashion week to participate and come to Dubai with my collection and Middle East was the next step for us, so it seemed like a good start to experience the city and all the fashion here!


I loved the jacket so much that I threw it on again for Fashion Forward! The leather was as soft as butter!!! By Malina is available in Dubai at Professionelle Boutique in Dubai Mall.


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