Birthday Celebrations for Mr Shef Codes!


One the first clients we signed to XO PR was my very dear friend, Shefan Lantra, aka Mr Shef Codes. Not only is Shef one of the most amazing friends that I have, but he is genuinely one of the most talented DJs in Dubai. This weekend we celebrated his birthday in style at 411 and it was BANANAS!


All of my photos today are courtesy of the amazing team at Dubai Night. Romain, Thomas and Florian are the best nightlife photographers in town and I’ve had the pleasure of working with them many times.


Big brother Elamin Saad was one hand to keep us all in control. I think he failed. Lol!


It wasn’t only Shef’s birthday this weekend. My adorable friend Khalfan, aka Bunnie, also celebrated his birthday with a 3-day celebration. You see why he’s my partner in crime now? He totally gets the whole celebrate for as long as you feel like policy!


Does anyone know who the random photobomber in the bottom of this pic is? Lol


A lot of people have asked me about my dress since I posted a pic on Instagram. I just got it from Topshop and absolutely LOVE it. I haven’t worn anything baby blue in ages, but it made sense this weekend celebrating with my two favourite boys to wear blue. I paired the dress with smy favourite Tiffany & Co necklace and killer Casadei shoes.

You may have noticed that my hair colour has changed recently. I dyed it when my mum was in Dubai a few weeks back and I am absolutely LOVING the new colour. Bye bye dark locks, I’m sticking to colour from now on. I’ll have a post up soon about where I went to get my hair done. I honestly will never go anywhere else in Dubai now!

Until the next post…bisous xoxo





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