Why I have been so MIA


So many people have asked me the reason why I stopped blogging so abruptly last year. Honestly there were so many reasons, but I now feel like it’s time to take a few minutes to share what has been going on in the world of Candy & Couture and so on…As you may know, I started this blog back in 2010 as a kind of online scrapbook of all my favourite fashion trends, collaborations and basically anything that I found exciting in the world of fashion. I’m very blessed that my blog grew so fast with many readers identifying with the topics I addressed and liking my take on trends as well as enjoying all the coverage from events and my outfit posts.

Somewhere towards the end of last year, I kinda fell out of love with blogging. I set up my PR Consultancy company, XO PR, back in October last year with my best friend and fellow blogger, Maha Mahdy, from Oversized Shades & Coffee and honestly, I really did not have the time to blog so frequently anymore. Plus, with SO many new bloggers emerging in Dubai, I really started to feel a disconnect with something I had genuinely loved once upon a time.

Fast forward 8 months and I haven’t had a complete change of heart, but my love for writing has returned again. This coupled with the fact that I finally think I am ready to tackle blogging from a very different angle to most other bloggers in Dubai (and say it how it really is rather than sugar-coat everything!) and I’m back. Well kind of.

Next week, Inshallah a new site will finally be launching and there’s a big surprise that will coincide with the new launch. Thank you to everyone who has message or emailed me asking why I haven’t blogged in so long and an even bigger thank you to the brand PRs who have still continued to support me and invite me to some amazing events during this time. And a huge thank you to Maha who has been by my side every single day this past year and longer. Only she knows how far we have come together.

I hope you all will like the new content just as much as I am looking forward to getting myself back out there.

Love and kisses, always…

Seher xoxo



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