Seher & the City: The Meat Co. Review


Last week the other half of the PSF twins, Alizey Mirza, returned to Dubai after what seemed like forever and this called for a major catch-up session and what better way to gossip than over some delicious grub at The Meat Co.!

I’ve visited The Meat Co. several times over the last year, but always at the Madinat Jumeirah location. If you follow me on Twitter you may remember that I moaned profusely over the time it took to take our group’s order on our last visit, but the management were SUPER fast in handling my complaint and we ended up having a really great meal. So with Liz in tow, last week we headed to Souk Al Bahar for dinner, drinks and some girlie giggles.

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Upon arrival we were greeted by the super friendly staff who were incredibly attentive throughout our meal and very helpful whilst helping us decide what to order from their vast menu. Now I should admit that I am really not a big fan of meat! I rarely eat it and don’t remember the last time I had a steak. So I opted for grilled chicken marinated with peri-peri sauce served with a side of mashed potatoes and creamed spinach. Liz went all in (well almost) with a 200g fillet steak.

The food was cooked to perfection and we both finished off every morsel which is so small feat considering Liz is on a diet of what I can only describe as air and I’m trying to eat healthier as well. Our meal was polished off with a trio of sorbet (loved the Raspberry and Mango flavours) and a moreish helping of Panna Cotta served with seasonal berries – divine!!

Our experience at The Meat Co. didn’t disappoint us at all and I’ll definitely be returning after Ramadan. Maybe I’ll have a steak this time! I’ll let you know!

Location: Souk Al Bahar

Telephone: +971 4 420 0737


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