Absolute House @ Mo*Vida!


It’s no secret that I like to go out and have a blast with my friends every weekend. Hell, I’ve even been titled “Party Queen” by most of my friends and even by many people who don’t even know me, but my motto in life, apart from YOLO, is “Work Hard, Play Hard!”Recently one of my favourite clubs in Dubai contacted me about their Thursday nights. Having launched #AbsoluteHouse every Thursday at Mo*Vida, I was invited to come down to check out the night and bring along a bunch of my friends. Now who can say no to a night out at Mo*Vida with their besties AND the most awesome house music in the city? Not I.

Many of you may know, especially if you follow me on Twitter, that I have a not-so-very-secret love affair with house music. I CANNOT go a day without listening to Swedish House Mafia & Afrojack, so their albums serve me well at the gym. So combine a night out with the people I love and the music I adore and you have the recipe to EPICNESS!

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To say that we had a good night is an understatement! DJ Nick Waters left us all saying “Where’s the afterparty at?!” and that is the biggest compliment I can give a DJ. As always the staff at Mo*Vida were super attentive and just a pleasure to have around. So much so that it’s only fair that we go back again this week for Round 2!

I am also super super excited to reveal finally that I am the new Brand Ambassador for Mo*vida! I can’t think of a team I love working with more! Now as I have found my new Thursday night spot in the city and I couldn’t be happier. See you all there!!

Make sure you head to Mo*Vida at the Radisson Royal Hotel. I cannot recommend it highly enough! And if you see me, come and say hi! xoxo




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