Candy & Couture meets Willy Monfret!!

It is very rare when I become tongue-tied. I can usually have a conversation with anyone, but when Willy Monfret walked into our interview on Friday, I was actually rather lost for words! I mean his piercing blue-green eyes captured my heart (and thousands across the world) when he played Nicki Minaj’s love interest in the video for her single “Right Through Me”, so having him sit right in front of me, I won’t lie, almost had me skip a heart beat (or seven!)

Model, DJ and actor Willy Monfret jet-set into Dubai for an exclusive set at MO*VIDA on Friday night and was kind enough to sit down with me and the Candy & Couture team to give us an exclusive interview. When I wasn’t being taken in by his gorgeously hypnotic eyes, I managed to ask him a little bit about himself.

Seher: How are you liking Dubai?

WM: I flew in this morning at 6am just for my set at MO*VIDA which I am super excited about as it is my first time here. I had to sleep as I was so tired, but hopefully after lunch I will be able to get out an explore the city. I hope it’s not too hot as I have heard the weather gets really crazy out here.

Seher: What can we expect from your set tonight?

WM: I love house music so you can expect a lot of that with some French influence in my set too.

Seher: So I saw you in the Nicki Minaj music video. Congratulations on that. How did that happen?

WM: Thank you. Well I flew into New York and I was told about this video so I went for the casting like everyone else. Nicki liked the audition, so I flew to LA and shot the video over 3 days. It was a great experience.

Seher: What was it like shooting with Nicki?

WM: She is so very cool, a true professional and a perfectionist. I loved working with her.

Seher: Is acting a career you would like to pursue.

WM: Absolutely, but I know I have to do some training before, like take some classes etc. I can’t just become an actor over night.

Seher: You used to be an athlete. Tell us more about that.

WM: I used to be in the French National Track team running hurdles. This is what I started my career doing and I loved being an athlete. I was recently in London for the Olympics supporting my friends who are still in the team. The atmosphere in the Olympic park was crazy for the duration of the games and it was a lot of fun seeing everyone.

Seher: So you are a fast runner then? Do you think you could run faster than Usain Bolt?

WM: Hahaha. If we were running hurdles, I think I could run faster than him! But I couldn’t beat him otherwise!

Seher: You are also a very famous model. Do you enjoy that?

WM: I love it. I will be flying to New York after my next set in Zürich to take part New York Fashion Week which is always amazing.

Seher: Who is your favourite designer?

WM: Jean Paul Gaultier. I think he is amazing and I love his style.

Seher: What is your star sign?

WM: I am a Libra 🙂

Seher: Describe yourself in 5 words

WM: Hard-working, a model, a DJ, a perfectionist and I love food!

Seher: What is your favourite type of cuisine?

WM: French. I love it, especially French-Caribbean food.

Seher: What are your plans for the future?

WM: I have DJ sets in Asia lined up after fashion week which I am really looking forward to. I started DJing in Singapore so it is always so much fun going back there. I want to pursue more acting and of course modelling too.

Seher: Will you be coming back to Dubai soon?

WM: Absolutely! 100%! This is a very short trip to Dubai so I have to come back properly very soon and explore it properly. I love city life and the beach and you have it both here which is amazing.

Seher: Well we will have take you out for sure when you come back next!

WM: I can’t wait!

Thank you to Willy Monfret for taking the time to sit down with us. It was an absolute pleasure interviewing him and his set at MO*VIDA that night was incredible too. We can’t wait to have him come back!

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