Get Healthy with Detox Delight

I decided over Ramadan that I needed to kick-start a healthier lifestyle. No more candy-fueled midnight snacking. No more drinking so much coke that I became ridiculously hyper and definitely cutting down on the amount of french fries I consume on a weekly basis (I love them way too much!) But saying I am going to do something and actually doing it are two very different things, so that is why I absolutely LOVE Detox Delight!

Detox Delight is an effective juice cleanse programme that caused a sensation when it launched in the Emirates over summer.  It offers a juice, or juice and soup regime, which is the perfect way to safely rid the body of toxins, environmental pollutants and waste products, resulting in an energy boost, glowing skin, sparkling eyes and an overall healthy slim feeling in just five days! Hurrah!

I know you are probably thinking that this is just a ‘quick fix’, but it is so much more than that! Detox Delight helps moderate attitudes towards portion control and food preferences, resulting in meaningful and long-lasting change. Best of all, Detox Delight does not focus on deprivation, but on offering clients healthy and delicious juices developed by accredited nutritionists, detox experts and raw food gourmet chefs.  

All Detox Delight juices are rich in vitamins, valuable minerals and secondary plant substances and contain highly effective superfoods such as spirulina, fresh wheat or barley grass, herbs and aloe vera. As they are all prepared fresh, they maintain their valuable organic nutrients and living enzymes that activate the body’s metabolism and support a healthier lifestyle.

Detox Delight offers two detox programmes to suit your taste. The Juice Delight programme offers the most effective detox programme, or Juice and Soup Delight, for those wanting a little more support on their detox journey. And the best thing is that both plans are delivered fresh to your doorstep – perfect for those on the go! 


Did you know by not taking in any solid food, the body saves 60 – 70% of its energy, which greatly enhances the purification process? On the Juice Delight plan, each day five 500ml specially balanced fruit and vegetable juices and one 250ml flavoured nut milk are consumed.

Similar to the Juice Delight plan but with the addition of a sumptuous soup each day, such as green detox vegetable soup, hot spicy beetroot pear dream or tomato and eggplant, the Juice and Soup Delight is a popular programme. All of the soups contain valuable plant proteins to support fat burning and ensure that the body is nutritionally balanced. On the Juice and Soup Delight plan, four 500ml fruit and vegetable juices and one vegan pureed soup are consumed daily. 

Both plans are available for 5 or 12 days and the juices are delivered directly to your door so there really is no reason not to try it out. Even the laziest amongst us can follow the Detox Delight plan especially as they deliver it to you!

I’ll keep you updated on my experience with it and my quest to be healthier. How long do you think I can last?


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