Candy & Couture meets the Pink Fudge Girls

Living in Dubai one thing is apparent; this is the most indulgent city in the world to live in! Shopping should be considered a sport in the UAE and with the world’s largest mall on our doorstep, it’s not hard to see where are hard earn cash ends up most weekends (and on the occasional lunch time shopping spree!)

Recently there has been a shift in shopping trends with fashion-forward girls investing their money in more and more luxury, high-end pieces. Pink Fudge is a shopping destination for any stylish girl who has ever dreamt of owning all the finer things in life, from a Hermes Birkin to the most in demand Celine bag or even a beautiful timeless vintage piece from Chanel. Pink Fudge offers a wide collection of authentic designer handbags, vintage designer collectable pieces, sexy heels, accessories and anything else you can ever dream of having in your closet.

Pink Fudge is a story of two besties that simply have an over the top love for fashion coupled with a peculiar love for fudge on the side. From a early age, both girls would play dress up and carry their mothers’ vintage bags and purses – didn’t we all!? Finally over the years they started investing in their own personal mini collection for their closet spaces. It is then, after countless magical shopping adventures and travelling the world, that they decided to turn their love for all these material possessions into a concept. Thus “Pink Fudge” was born.

I recently got the chance to speak to Golly Seyfi, co-founder and one half of the Pink Fudge girls and asked her about everything from fashion to beauty.

What inspired you to start Pink Fudge?

Golly: Like a lot of girls out there, I have an obsession with shoes and bags but my obsession isn’t normal, so I have been told. Pink Fudge was born after the fact that I started having problems finding those pieces that were rare. So my partner/best friend and I thought to ourselves, why isn’t there a place out there that can get me what I wanted when I wanted it? And that’s how we came up with our concept!

What item do you think every girl should have in her closet?

Golly: Well there are a number of things that all girls should own. Firstly I think a pair or more of Vintage Chanel earrings as they are timeless and you can keep forever. Also anything that has to do with Hermes, because personally I think Hermes is a great investment to have in your closet.

What is your most prized possession?

Golly: I would have to say my watch and Hermes bags.

Where do you love to go shopping?

Golly: My favorite place in the world to shop is either London or Paris hands down; they always have the hottest ‘IT’ items each season, plus there is a special essence and feel shopping in Europe.

Share some of your beauty secrets!

Golly: That’s a funny one! I think that question should have been diverted to my partner because she is the beauty addict between the two of us, but recently I have been obsessed with Lush products and everything from them smells absolutely heavenly. I swear by the Ro’s Argan body conditioner and their Herbalism face wash.

What item do you want in your closet?

Golly: Definitely a Hermes Croc in the future!

Who is your fashion idol/ icon?

Golly: I love Sophia Loren and Jackie O! They were such stylish icons of the 60’s. I also love Victoria Beckham’s style; she always looks great and carries herself well.

How would you describe your own fashion style?

Golly: I usually more recently like to be comfortable in whatever I have on and depending on my mood I may be laid back sometimes, but like all girls I love to dress up, put some red lipstick on and when there is a night out I definitely go all out with my wardrobe!

Thank you Golly for that amazing insight into Pink Fudge and your style. And for all of you looking the most sought after pieces in fashion, without the hassle of the dreaded waiting list, get in touch with Pink Fudge! Some of the pieces they can get their hands on are so high in demand that they can’t be found shelves anywhere in the world!! No wonder the Pink Fudge girls are called modern day fairy Godmothers to the Middle East’s fashionistas!


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