Review: Pintsized Fashionista Facial at Biolite Skincare

Looking after your skin has never been more important and I am the first one to admit that I am not as diligent as I should be, but one thing that I do regularly treat myself to is a good facial.

This week I visited my favourite skincare clinic in Dubai, Biolite Skincare, which is situated in Healthcare City to try the very special Pintsized Fashionista Facial!

Upon arrival to the clinic, I was offered a refreshment and talked through the facial – a deep cleanse, some extractions if needed, followed by the use of a high frequency machine to close any open pores. To round the facial off, a very special and indulgent serum containing gold particles would be applied to the skin to give me a glow. Perfection!

As my therapist Richie had talked me through the procedure, I was able to lay back and relax throughout the facial. With 3 nights of partying before my facial coupled with 2 photoshoots, I can’t tell you how badly I needed this treatment. I didn’t even flinch at the extractions because I only had myself to blame. Note to self: do not fall asleep with makeup on!

Biolite products are my favourite skincare products by far, especially the pineapple enzyme scrub which I use as my skincare regime at home. It really gets the job done and smells absolutely divine.

My love for mineral makeup started when I was first introduced to the range by Biolite. You have to try it out! I highly recommend blending the mineral powder with your favourite moisturiser for a fantastic tinted moisturiser. Living in the humidity of the Middle East, wearing foundation every day is not cool, so this is a great alternative and skin-friendly too!

So I left Biolite totally relaxed, refreshed and with skin that actually glowed. The little gold flecks from the serum really caught the light and had my flatmate asking me what I did different that morning. Best facial to date!

Make sure you check out Biolite for all their amazing treatments. I’m going in again next week to check out their slimming treatments and I promise to report back.

Have a great weekend everyone!



6 thoughts on “Review: Pintsized Fashionista Facial at Biolite Skincare

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