Ramadan Getaway: Tschuggen Grand Hotel

A lot of people ask me where to escape to from Dubai when the temperatures start to soar just like they have now? Coupled with the fact that it is Ramadan, the holy month of fasting in the Islamic calendar, options tend to dwindle, but I think I have found the perfect vacation spot nestled luxuriously in the Swiss mountains – Tschuggen Grand Hotel.

The Tschuggen Grand, set in the beautiful alpine surroundings of Arosa Switzerland, has created a package specifically with the Muslim traveller in mind. The ‘Arabian Nights’ package offers guests a Halal breakfast before sunrise and the opportunity to unwind at the multi-award winning Bergoase Spa that is built into the side of the mountain and offers exquisite views afforded by the stunning glass sails channelling light into the serene interior.

For those of you who are slightly more adventurous and want to take a more active approach to your stay, the package includes a free pass to the private ‘Tschuggen Express’ railway that escorts guests from the hotel to the lush mountainside of the Swiss Alps in less than three minutes.

The hotel offers a range of facilities throughout the property to ensure that all Arabic guests feel fully at home during their stay. In addition to the ‘Arabian Nights’ package, traditional Halal food will be available upon request, and those wishing to observe prayer time will be
provided with prayer rugs, directions to Mecca and even separate gender facilities.

Additionally, room service respects Ramadan hours and a private spa suite is available with a Ladies only sauna. If guests wish to be catered for in total privacy, the hotel can arrange a private butler service and Arabic speaker to ensure every need is catered for!

So if you are looking for a last-minute vacation this Ramadan, then this is just the ticket. Find out more about the Tschuggen Grand Hotel here and if you do visit, let me know how it is. You never know – I may try to escape the Dubai sauna myself!


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