Get Healthy with Detox Delight

I decided over Ramadan that I needed to kick-start a healthier lifestyle. No more candy-fueled midnight snacking. No more drinking so much coke that I became ridiculously hyper and definitely cutting down on the amount of french fries I consume on a weekly basis (I love them way too much!) But saying I am going to do something and actually doing it are two very different things, so that is why I absolutely LOVE Detox Delight! Continue reading


Victoria’s Secret opening in Kuwait and Dubai!

The long-await is almost over! Victoria’s Secret is soon to be open in Kuwait and Dubai!! Continue reading

Candy & Couture meets the Pink Fudge Girls

Living in Dubai one thing is apparent; this is the most indulgent city in the world to live in! Shopping should be considered a sport in the UAE and with the world’s largest mall on our doorstep, it’s not hard to see where are hard earn cash ends up most weekends (and on the occasional lunch time shopping spree!)

Recently there has been a shift in shopping trends with fashion-forward girls investing their money in more and more luxury, high-end pieces. Pink Fudge is a shopping destination for any stylish girl who has ever dreamt of owning all the finer things in life, from a Hermes Birkin to the most in demand Celine bag or even a beautiful timeless vintage piece from Chanel. Pink Fudge offers a wide collection of authentic designer handbags, vintage designer collectable pieces, sexy heels, accessories and anything else you can ever dream of having in your closet. Continue reading

Music Mondays – PYAO Vol.2!!

Music Mondays is back with the latest mix from DJ Bliss – PYAO Vol.2!

The latest high energy mix from Blissoo is my personal favourite as it is an unexpected change from what Bliss normally treats us to. Trust him to switch things up!

Download the mix from Soundcloud or by visiting DJ Bliss’ website and get ready to party your a** off!!


Review: Pintsized Fashionista Facial at Biolite Skincare

Looking after your skin has never been more important and I am the first one to admit that I am not as diligent as I should be, but one thing that I do regularly treat myself to is a good facial.

This week I visited my favourite skincare clinic in Dubai, Biolite Skincare, which is situated in Healthcare City to try the very special Pintsized Fashionista Facial! Continue reading

Outfit du Jour: Pink Matter

I have been told to wear more colour and what better way to go about it than in all out pink! This Alice & Trixie dress is the one I wore to the “Ramadan Reveals” event at Rivaage Boutique event last week and by far one of my favourite pieces in my closet. Continue reading