Music Mondays: Afrojack

My friend’s all mess around and say that I’m going to marry a DJ and to be fair I most probably will! There is just something about DJs that I am drawn to…I just can’t explain it!

This week’s dose of Music Monday is dedicated to one of my favourite DJs in the world, Afrojack and his latest video for “Rock the House” – the song I have been listening to on repeat in the car, the gym and even whilst doing laundry at all. Damn that beat!!!

Out of all the DJs I have met over the years, Afrojack has got to be one of the coolest on the planet. Aah the memories of seeing him last year with my best friend Goldie at Luxx London still give me goosebumps!!

Good news for Afrojack fans in Dubai – it was confirmed recently that he will be headlining the Dubai Music Festival on October 5th alongside Kaskade and the Far East Movement and I for one will be the first person there! I seriously can’t wait!!!


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