Topshop opens in Mall of the Emirates!

Hurrah! Finally TopShop is open in Mall of the Emirates!! The long-awaited store opening took place last week with VIP guests and media being the first people to see the inside of the store, check out the amazing personal shopping suite (a totally free service by the way) and shop the latest collection! Oh and we got treated to a delightful Anglophile-inspired breakfast – yum!!!

The store has soooo many gorgeous pieces that I literally had to force myself to walk out without purchasing anything. I have to be on my best behaviour as my best friend is getting married in September and we have a trip to Rome in the pipeline for her hen weekend and I know I over-indulge on the shopping there already!

If you pop into the store, you will see tags around the bloggers favourite items. Maha (Ms. Shades & Coffee) and I both wanted to put our tag around the same dress. You’ll find it on the central mannequins – white and pink and could be mistaken for a ballet outfit, but style it with a leather jacket and it would be so fierce. Plus is would make for an excellent outfit choice for the next UV party for #411 – just saying!

A quintessential British affair with tea, scones, cakes and cucumber sandwiches topped off with plenty of candy – could this event be more me!? Note to self: must find out where catering was from and use it for my next event! Delish!!

I love a good blogger get-together. We talk fashion, blogger politics (yes this does exist!) and where to find the best bargains. Occasionally we have “lightbulb” moments when we realise that the solution to our problems are right in front of our face (more on this in another post soon!)

Congratulations Topshop on a great opening and a heartfelt “Thank You” for our personalised gifts – I was very touched by it. Now if only I can stay away from the store long enough so I don’t have to face the conversation with my mother about how frivolous I am being with my money. Oh well…


6 thoughts on “Topshop opens in Mall of the Emirates!

  1. good to see a dubai blogger who is of a middle class and does not have all designer shoes and bags.still you fit in well.

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