The Blackberry Archive – Part 3

God bless the camera feature on phones. I no longer have to worry if I’ve left my camera at home because I am always able to snap away with my Blackberry and boy have I been snapping away a lot since the last feature. Here are some of my highlights.

At Etoiles Abu Dhabi with Kamal, Farrah and Prince Q – showing support for our boy DJ Bliss.

PSF Sale day at Mon Atelier Boutique! I have my leggings, do you have yours?

Talking of PSF, how gorgeous is twin Alizey? We had such a giggle at the Mischa Barton dinner at Caramel Dubai.

And whilst we are on the topic of Caramel, here’s me and my two favourite boys, DJ Bliss and James Young at Crystal for B’s birthday. What a night!

June was a great birthday month. We celebrated my darling Yasmin’s birthday in style with a full 12 hours of non-stop shenanigans at Blue Marlin and N’Dulge.

Finally, the love of my life, my nephew Azaan. Even though he is thousands of miles away, he is the only person in the world who can make my day that much brighter with his energy, his words and his adorable fish face. Azaan, goo goo loves you more than words.

Until next time…Bisous xoxo


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