Tweet before Brunch with K-Lynn

Only Tiffany Karam from K-Lynn can get me out of bed on a Saturday morning. The chance to be ‘educated’ on the latest collection in store whilst feasting on brunch at MAKE Business Hub with some of my favourite bloggers was definitely a reason to drag my sorry behind from under the covers recently.

 Tiffany introduced us to the latest collection from Wacoal called “Tweet”. This latest lingerie innovation offers a moulded free-cut stretch lace which gives the lingerie a light and streamlined look. I could get really technical on this as Tiffany and I have spent hours talking about bras, fabrics, cuts etc, but the most important part of the collection is that it is super sexy! Isn’t that what women want most of all?

With “Tweet” you can mix and match the bra styles and bottoms, play with the colours, straps, necklines and cleavage – the options are endless!

The collection is available in stores and online now and word of advise to every single woman out there – go and have a bra fitting done regularly. Wearing the wrong size bra can be super unflattering and make a HUGE difference to the way clothes fit you as well.


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