The Blackberry Archive – Part 2!

Thank God for my Blackberry camera. Over the past few months it has been at hand to capture some EPIC life events and following it’s drowning on Thursday night after I got thrown into my friend’s pool, I was so happy that my SD Card survived, even though the phone didn’t.

So in memory of my Blackberry (my she rest in peace) I’ve decided to share a few pictures I’ve snapped away recently.

I have the best flatmate ever!! Thanks Yasmin for my HeySugar mini cupcake overdose!

No one can ever say that I have too many shoes, when this is just SOME of DJ Bliss’ collection!

Just a standard day shooting with the Made in Chelsea crew at Nasimi Beach. Yes that’s Spencer!!

With the bestie at Caramel, our favourite place to create havoc with imaginary cats!

I can’t resist Creme Brulee and this one from MAKE is delicious!!

My makeup for the Maison Rana event at Armani Prive by Basma Masri from B.Beautiful. Love her!

Humanity is always in Style with Frontline Fashion! Make sure you pick up one of their pieces and support their amazing work in Haiti.

My Pintsized Fashionistas on TV!!

B+, Candy & Couture and one half of PSF – L.O.V.E

The now infamous pool at Sean’s house where many a Blackberry and iPhone has drowned in the past few weeks!!

A man in Red Soles – what’s not to love!? These gorgeous ones belong to Mr. Shef Codes!

This could have been my birthday cake! We found it in Reef Cafe at 7am Post-Birthday celebrations Day One. The less said about that night the better!

Natural yumminess courtesy of Sophie’s Cafe! Delicious!

Cap. Codes. Love.

Straight from Rooftop to the 8am Walk for Education with The Real Flava and #TeamBliss. How Aimee looks so chirpy is beyond me, but we will support charity and each other, no matter what time of the day!

Bestie snapped this the same night my Blackberry drowned. To be thrown into the pool when you’re wearing Dolce & Gabbana isn’t amusing! Well it is and it isn’t!

411 UV Party at People by Crystal. Love B+

I’ve resorted to stealing the boys caps whenever we go out now. And sunglasses. I’m not a kleptomaniac, but it is fun running off with their things 😛

And that’s all for now folks! I’m off to invest in some shares in RIM. God knows how much money they have made off my friends with our ridiculously bad luck with phones recently.


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