Outfit du Soir: My Wardrobe ME Launch

There are some days that no matter how hard you try to be somewhere on time, everything works against you.

A few weeks back I attended the launch of My-Wardrobe in the Middle East at the stunning Ritz Carlton in DIFC, but I can’t even say I was fashionably late. I walked in as the festivities were winding down due to a photoshoot with Marc by Marc Jacobs running late and then me running off with Leila from Fashion Fifth‘s clothes! I swear it was a complete accident, but I did leave her stranded in the mall with no clothes and no way of getting in touch with me! (Damn you BB battery!!)

At the event which was organised by Expose Communications and the wonderful Carousel Girls, I managed to catch up with Nimati Shuhaibar, founder of Polkdadots & Ribbons – the bespoke events planning company catering for all types of events involving children and parents. Candy & Couture will be collaborating on events in the future with Polkadots & Ribbons so I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Thank you to GlamOnYou for the beautiful dress I wore. It is truly a pleasure wearing your creations. And congrats to the My-Wardrobe team – it’s great having you in the Middle East xoxo


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