Dubai World Cup 2012

No matter how many times I attend the Dubai World Cup, I will never get bored of it. Yes part of it is the allure of finding the perfect dress, getting my hair and makeup done and then heading off to Meydan, but that’s the fun! This year I happened to attend the world’s most expensive and most prestigious horse race with the company of some amazing friends and it was an absolute blast!With one half of my Pinstsized Fashionistas – Saanieh who wore Pucci.

The other half of the adorable Pinstsized Fashionistas – Alizey wearing Dima Ayad.

Candy & Couture + Pintsized Fashionistas + Team Bliss = Dream Team!

Partner in Crime – Alrik!

Marwan perfects the art of looking like he’s paying attention when he’s not!

I am absolutely in love with the dress I wore on the day which was from GlamOnYou. The colours were stunning and it felt like a dream to wear.

Stay tuned to the video I will be posting tomorrow in which I show you where and how I got my hair and makeup done. I could never pull off that hairdo at home myself!!

Thank you Meydan for another wonderful experience. Until next year…


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