Hello SWIMS – Welcome to the UAE!

You may not be familiar with the Norwegian brand, SWIMS, but trust me, you soon will.

This luxury footwear brand has completely reinvented the overshoe by adding functionality, a plethora of colours and contemporary shapes to  a classic. 

SWIMS have been designed with water in mind. Classic loafers don’t mix well with water so SWIMS are perfect for poolside, lounging on a yacht or at a day the beach.

Ladies, SWIMS aren’t just for men. I got my hands on the cutest pair of navy and white SWIMS, perfect for the nautical trend popular ever Summer.

SWIMS launched exclusively last week at the Dubai International Boat Show and I popped down to have a talk with Ashraf Salloum, Group Marketing Head of Al Sayegh Brothers, distributors of SWIMS in the UAE.

Identifying a demand from the product in the region, Ashraf says that SWIMS is for anyone who loves to have fun – Anyone who is a keen sports lover and enjoys the beach or the thrill of being on a jet-ski!

The unique selling point of SWIMS is in its construction. A great deal of research has been done to make sure your feet stay happy all day long! For example, the anti-bacterial insole will help keep your feet fresh whilst the anti-slip rubber sole will mean you won’t slip off a yacht! (Trust me it has happened to me, but let’s not mention that incident again!)

SWIMS will be available at selected retails outlets across the UAE soon and for anyone looking to purchase them now, please contact marketing@alsa-g.com


2 thoughts on “Hello SWIMS – Welcome to the UAE!

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Trying to get a pair of SWIMS for men. Tried the email on the article and got permanent bounce – back. Where are they sold in Abu Dhabi preferably or Dubai?

    • Hiya. Unfortunately I have no idea. They had them for a limited time during the boat show, but since then I have heard nothing in regards to them. Sorry

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