Competition: Pulse by Beyonce!

Lovely readers, its competition time!

This month I’m giving 2 of you the chance to win “Pulse” from Beyonce – the latest fragrance in Beyonce’s Parfums Portfolio!

Reflective of Beyoncé’s incredible energy and powerful femininity, the fresh notes in Beyoncé Pulse intermingle to create a unique citrus, floral gourmand, anchored by Beyoncé’s favorite flower, the orchid.

Now here’s your chance to win the fragrance yourself. All you have to do is tell us what sets your pulse racing?

Answer in the comment box below or visit our Facebook page and leave your comment there.

The winner will be chosen at random from entries received by midnight on Sunday March 4th.

Good luck xoxo


68 thoughts on “Competition: Pulse by Beyonce!

  1. Singing infront of people, my pulse rate increases dramatically. I understand what Beyonce is on about when she performs on stage and she get’s this incredible energy and pulse which is like fuel to her to burn to make incredible music and put on a spectacular show. Long live King B. xxxxxx

  2. I was born on the 4h of April, which set my mind thinking the year of 4 was for me! All the songs from the album elevated me from an unusual state of mind to an empire state of mind, now standing on top with a killer view. Beyonce is my pulse! I live through her music, and whosever elses music her voice leads me to 😀 I am Number 4! The lights in your hand!

  3. I have all of Beyonces Parfumes except of Pulse.I would love to win this competition because I know this fragrance is so powerful and i want to feel the power !
    Beyonce is a big inspiration to me and Pulse would make me so happy. This fragrance is diffrent than the others.It’s feminin,energetic and just amazing.I would wear everywhere I go because it’s the fragrance that just goes with everythingg 🙂

  4. The few moments before a Beyonce show gets under way. The lights go dim, that spotlight comes on and you know the Queen Bey is about to show out, and slay your soul.

  5. What makes me pulse? Rhetorical question. Just listening to the angelic voice of my inspiration makes my heart race like a roller coaster and that motivation and inspiration comes from Beyonce. I love ya girl and dont ever stop!! (:

  6. Anything Beyonce produces, whether it be music, movies, music videos, dvd’s, watching her concerts, smelling her parfums. She honestly gets me through any situation with her amazing voice & talent. When she opens her mouth & sings, there’s not one day where I don’t fall in love with it. Overall, Beyoncé Knowles get’s my pulse racing. Even though it might be a typical answer it definitely is the truth. Beyoncé is & always will be the best.

  7. What sets my pulse recing is when i lisent to beyonce’s music and singing and danceing in my room Olso when im running track and when the boy that i like talk’s to me

  8. My husband smelled the sample of this new fragrance and told me he had a PULSE ; ) Then, I told him I just had to have it! : ) so…. YEAH, I’d loooooove to win it!!!!

  9. I seriously believe that I am beyonce’s #1 fan. I have every perfume every cd every DVD etc. In general she makes my pulse race. Her energy her drive and her love for her craft puts her in a relm of artists that few can compare to. Her humble and reserved demeanor makes her even more beautiful and relatable…bottom line I just love Beyoncé!!!!

  10. What sets my pulse racing???

    When I am “Crazy In Love’ with someone’s “Flaws & All” because they put my “Love On Top”!!! Or when I “Countdown” the moments until I see my “Baby Boy” in my “Freakum Dress”, even if it’s just on my “Video Phone” or in my “Sweet Dreams” so I can “Listen” to him say “I Care”. He has a big “Ego” and he knows “That’s How I Like It” so we will be together “Till The End Of Time”!!! “(He’s) My Man” and he loves “A Woman Like Me” because he knows I am “Irreplaceable” so I will never be a “Broken-Hearted Girl”!!! Just his “Diva”!!!

  11. what gets my pulse racing? when a beyonce song is played unecpectildly the first 5 seconds gets into my head and makes me either want to cry sing, dance or booty shake! 😛 xxx

  12. My pulse races anytime my Hubby touches me, talks to me, kisses me, or simply looks at me, and has for the 7 years we’ve been married ~ I am truly blessed!!!

  13. When My Baby Said I Luv U 2 me. When I saw him for the first time I almost pastd out on the floor. When he told me he’d wanted 2 marry me that right there I was speechless.
    It will always be like this forever.
    I luv my baby Chris

  14. when I look into my boyfriend’s eyes while listening to a beautiful love song 🙂 ❤ (like "Halo" or "1+1" by Beyonce)

  15. Bee inspires me alot even when my friends abuse me that i can sing and that i can’t make it. It hurts me but anytime i hear beyonce songs and see the way she dances it really inspires me. I really want to win this pluse to know what it feels like. I LOVE YOU BEE>>>

  16. Galloping on a horse really fast along an empty beach with the wind rushing past your face and your eyes streaming. Such an adrenaline rush!
    And seeing Beyonce live. Her precense and her power to move you with each song is just phenomenal :O

  17. What leaves my pulse racing is when I saw Beyonce for the first time for her meet and greet. As soon as I saw her my pulse was racing:)

  18. When I saw B live and in person for the first time at her Roseland show. I almost went into cardiac arrest!! I couldn’t believe I was really sing the Queen it was so unreal being that I was so use to seeing her in only on TV and pictures all the time lol => Best day of my life.

  19. What Sets My Pulse You Ask? The Love Of My life Kissing me having my heart race day by day, caring for me like no other man has ever.telling me his love for me and sharing and giving me his all in our relationship.What Sets My Pulse?His love For Me, My Love for him Is What sets it

  20. My pulse is accelerated when I run after the things that really matter to me when I sing and dance songs from Beyonce, when I stand beside my parents, my heart beats too, when I’m next to my love and is that’s the little things that makes the pulse racing, money can not buy it and it will be faster if I win this perfume.
    Beyonce loves to Brazil * – *

  21. When I’m in trouble, and do not know how I can get out of it, then the only thing I do is listen to music, most by Eminem, Jay-Z and Beyonce those 3 is best artists om the whole world Ever love you ❤

  22. My pulse rush when I’m in trouble, and do not know how I can get out of it, then the only thing I do is listen to music, most by Eminem, Jay-Z, Beyonce, because their music makes it easier for people I’m glad they exist ❤

  23. Two months ago, after parting with my boyfriend, I’ve invented this motto: “Learn to listen yourself, and then you will hear all the world”. Today my life is easier, magnificent, full of colour and friends 🙂

  24. Going out and playing Beyoncé for people and watching everyone get out of their seats. The excitement Beyoncé brings is what gets my pulse racing!

  25. What gets my pulse racing is sensing something cud bad could happen, doesnt help that Im very paranoid so if I’m waiting to meet a friend and they’re running ”late”, my mind will make a ridiculous sotry up and that sets my pulse speeding !!
    p.s: thanks for this chance to win the fragrance:)mxx

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