Label Love: Pavoni

I love coming across designers whilst I’m aimlessly wandering cyberspace and today’s discovery is one that I am so happy I stumbled upon. Pavoni is an exciting new “Prêt à Couture” line that caters to women with an inspired sense of taste, an appreciation for superior fabrics, impeccable craftsmanship, and incomparable design.

The name “Pavoni” is derived from the Italian word for peacocks, which for centuries have been recognized as the quintessential embodiment and symbols of elegance. It’s no coincidence that co-founders of Pavoni, Gianni Falcone and Mike Derderian chose this majestic creature to be the inspiration for their line.

Pavoni’s goal is to distinguish itself as the epitome of sophistication; a line that embodies everything a woman should be; delicate yet strong, opulent yet sophisticated. From what I have seen so far of the collection, they have hit the nail on the head!

Pavoni’s muse is described as a woman who while being tasteful, does not lack the confidence and desire to make a statement when entering a room, a woman who appreciates standing out from the crowd but who does so with refinement and grace. Wearing one of these designs will guarantee that! How stunning are they?!

I think I’ve found the dress I want to wear on my birthday this year! Who can say no to a little extra sparkle on their birthday?! 😉

For more information on Pavoni visit their website and Facebook page.


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