I ♥ Marmar Couture

I have an addiction to buying dresses. They are the first item of clothing I pick up when I’m a shop. Some girls are all about jeans or t-shirts, but I am the poster child for the girl who loves dresses. Attending as many events that I do, I absolutely hate being caught wearing the same dress as someone else at the same party! Nightmare! So am constantly on the look out for dresses that no one else has as well. That’s when I start to scout out new boutiques and labels for that ‘exclusive’ edge. And I’m sharing one of my favourite finds with you now – Marmar Couture.

Sold through a private seller, Mariam Rod, in Dubai, Marmar Couture originates from Australia. Mariam sources the hottest pieces from her home town in Sydney and brings the collection to Dubai every year. I call her dresses ‘showstoppers’ as each and every piece that I have from the collection is so attention-grabbing. I actually have every one of the dresses in the above picture!

To view the collection, visit the Facebook page. Mariam’s a doll and if you like anything from the Marmar Couture range, but aren’t in Dubai, she can arrange to have it shipped worldwide. I already have my eye on two more dresses to add to my already expanding collection.

Me in the “Giselle” dress from Marmar Couture.


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