Beauty Buzz: December

I have to admit that I’m a bit of a spoiled brat when it comes to taking care of myself. I have to have weekly manicures, facials are essential to me and I love treating myself to makeup whenever I can. I’m a girl and it is our prerogative to do so! I don’t wear much makeup, but I do love testing new products and when I find something that works, I will rave about it until the cows come home! So here’s look at what products I am LOVING this month.As I am the fussiest person you will meet when it comes to hair (bar my friend Yasmin who is borderline obsessed), taking care of my hair is an ESSENTIAL part of my beauty regime. But considering how much I travel, my hair has suffered from the changes in climate, water and the damage from my deadly, but much loved Ghd’s. A few month back my hair started falling out at an alarming rate, so I chopped it off! Yes bye bye long hair down to my waist and hello shoulder length hair! I loved it then, but I hate it now and cannot wait for it to grow again.

In the mean time, I discovered Tresemme’s AMAZING product line which features the “Anti Hair Fall” shampoo and conditioner. I kid you not, this has been a complete God send! My hair has stopped falling out and I don’t get all emotional when travelling any more worried about what could happen to my hair next! Highly recommended!!

Whilst we are on the subject of hair, stop whatever you are doing and go and get yourself this: Moroccan Oil. Comprised of Argan Oil, nothing has left my hair as silky soft and as shiny as this treatment. I dye my hair regularly and what with styling and exposure to chlorine from my daily dips in the pool in Dubai, this is one product I cannot live without.

I was given Lancome’s Hypnose Doll Eyes mascara in a goody bag from an event in Dubai. I am a BIG eye makeup fan and when my Chanel mascara unexpectedly went for a walkabout before a night out, I started to panic that I would be left without a coat for my eyelashes. That’s when I remembered I had this. WOW! Honestly, it does exactly what it says it does. My lashes are long anyway (touch wood), but this just gives your lashes a POP and leaves them every so pretty – just like a doll!

If you only buy one product ever from Chanel, make sure it is this. I have to stop all the girls stealing it from me when we are getting ready to go out, but Chanel’s Illusion d’Ombre eyeshadow in “Mirifique” is the BEST eyeshadow I have ever used. I was pursuaded to by it by the makeup artist at Chanel in Selfridges during Fashion’s Night Out and it’s one purchase I will never regret. Just a small bit can dramatically change the density of your eye makeup and the sparkle is second to none. As it is limited edition, it is like gold dust to come across now, but if you find it buy it!! Oh and let me know too so I can stock up!

I recently started wearing red lipstick. I’m not a lipstick wearer at all, especially not red as I felt it way too harsh for me, but I had a very sudden change of heart. On a whim, I purchased this lipstick from Illamasqua at Areej in Dubai back in May and have loved it ever since. The colour is called “Tramp” and it is a classic  rose-red with a matt finish. I can’t wear red lipstick every day, but when I’m feeling kinda bad-ass, this is my weapon of choice.

A dear friend of mine, Neda Hamidi, owns N.SPA London – my one and only place to go for all my beauty treatments. Neda started telling me off when my nails weren’t perfect as there really was no excuse, so I got into a habit of having my nails done weekly, even if it is just for a polish change. When I’m in Dubai I usually go to N.Bar for manicures, but recently I went to N.STYLE in Jumeirah Beach Residence as I was given a complimentary manicure from Ahlan!

N.STYLE stock their own range of nail polish colours and as someone who is used to Essie or Shellac, I was a bit lost when it came to choosing a colour. Seriously, if they don’t stock the colour “Jam n Jelly” I’ll spend half an hour mulling over a colour choice! I decided to try “Eye Candy” which is a delicious pink colour. It looked gorgeous on and the best part of it was it glowed in the dark! Now I don’t know whether that was intentional of the nail polish, but I had so many people come up to me in clubs and restaurants complimenting the colour which is never a bad thing!

That’s all for now beautiful people. Remember beauty comes from within so eat well, drink plenty of water and smile! Oh and sod the haters! 😉

Bisous xoxo


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