Seher loves Sparkle: Phioro Jewellery

Find me a woman who doesn’t appreciate jewellery and a little sparkle in her life and I may stop buying shoes. Well for a month at least! My inner magpie is always on the lookout for that special dazzle you get with fine jewellery and last month I became captivated by a new jewellery brand based out of Dubai called Phioro

I became intrigued with Phioro after finding out the meaning behind it’s name. “Phi” which is the golden ratio – the measurements of what we class as beautiful. Think back to your GCSE maths classes and you’ll know what I’m talking about. There is a proven ratio that can be seen in all plants, flowers, shells, people and even the pyramids! This is what we apply to everything we class as beautiful and Leonardo Da Vinci was the first to record it in his ‘Vitruvian Man’ when illustrating perfect proportions. Combine that with “Oro” which is the Italian translation of the word ‘Gold’ and you have the beginnings of Phioro.

 Phi Collection

Every brand has it’s ethos and the key elements behind Phioro are sensuality, style and sophistication – something that can be seen in every piece of the stunning collections. The epitome of luxury and beauty, Phioro currently has three collections: “Suspension of Reality“, “Phi” and the “Water Lily Collection.”

Having viewed all three collections at an intimate event at Okku Restaurant and Lounge in Dubai last month, I have to say that the “Suspension of Reality” collection is my personal favourite. This dazzling collection of blues and oranges is inspired by Avatar, Dark Fairytales, Butterfly wing patterns, venus fly traps and creeping vines. This collection takes your imagination on a journey into a world of different dimensions and possibilities.

Suspension of Reality Collection

Each piece in the Phioro collection is limited to 19 pieces, so once you invest in a piece you are guaranteed to be one of the lucky ones who can rest assured it will increase in value. Phioro offers a collection that dreams are made of.

Phi Collection

I recently grabbed a spot of lunch with Clare Pardoe, the beautiful designer behind Phioro, to find out more about her and her sparkling collections. Clare describes herself as passionate, creative, intense, driven, loving, ambitious and a little bit crazy! Definitely a girl I can relate to! She aspires to Richard Branson’s limitations, no barriers, unrelenting ambition approach towards business and the designer, Chloe’s sense of style, sensuality, femininity and sophistication.

Water Lily Collection

“I design pieces inspired by feelings, created to evoke emotional associations that last a lifetime,” says Clare. Her private commissions are the perfect gift as they designed with the customer in mind. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, wedding rings, an anniversary present, a special birthday, or simply a way to say, “I love you,” Clare weaves the meaning into a design by developing the concept based on your story. Personalisation of your piece of jewellery can be in the form of the stones chosen (e.g. birth stone/associated stone meanings), hidden elements and/or engraving a message inside.

Clare draws inspiration from the oldest relics to the newest, sparkliest pieces when designing her jewellery. Her aim is to design timeless beauties – objects that you want to own because they are simply stunning from every angle, and every aspect has been considered and selected for a reason. I think it’s only fair to say that Clare has achieved this with Phioro as her pieces are both stunningly elegant and complete show stoppers.

For more information on Phioro visit the website and follow Clare on Twitter and Facebook. Trust me – you will not be disappointed.


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