Design a Dress with S*UCE

Are you an aspiring designer? Do you have an untapped talent that needs an outlet to shine? Well look no further than the “Design a Dress” competition from my favourite UAE boutique, S*uce

The theme of this year’s competition is Monochrome Pop. If I knew how to design, I would totally enter this competition myself! Alas, I’m as useful with a sketching pencil as I am changing a car tyre! That is, completely hopeless! But for all you budding designers out there, this is a great platform to getting yourself recognised!

The rules of the competition are really quite simple.

1.  Designers cannot be already selling clothes at S*uce

2. Designers can submit up to 3 dresses

3. Dresses should be standard mannequin size. (Approx 10 UK, 4 US)

4. Each designer must send the dresses to S*uce Lite which is located on the first floor in Jumeirah Centre (opposite The Village Mall) in Dubai. Contact number for S*uce Lite is 04 3444391

5. Each designer must fill out the design a dress form and give it to staff at S*uce Lite.

6. Each designer must send a jpeg image of the pieces to

7. Pieces submitted must be clearly labelled with the designers name, phone number and date of submission. This is extremely important!

 8. Finally, all dresses must be received by January 1st.

So do you think you’ve got what it takes to be the next big designer at S*uce?! Go on…you know you want to!


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