A Formula One Weekend!

Nothing beats being on Yas Island for the duration of Formula One. Nothing! And this year was super special for me as I got to share the experience the entire weekend with my brother Sam who’d flown in from London, along with some of the biggest names in music and sport from all over the world. This small picture diary of the weekend’s event is just some of what we got up to. 

With Yas Island being a hub of activity, the only place to spend the night’s partying away until the wee hours was Sky Bar. Flash Entertainment kept a steady stream of performers on the stage over the course of 4 days including Fat Joe, Ashtani, Jay Sean, Jason Derulo, Fatboy Slim, Example and Wyclef.

Personally I felt that Wyclef was the best performer at SkyBar. And Fat Joe had to be one of the nicest people I have ever met. My brother, Sam, went for a little walk about on Day 3 and I found him having a nice old chin-wag with him! That NEVER happens in London!

Blue Marlin Ibiza set themselves up in Allure by Cipriani for the duration of Formula One and it was the most happening afternoon hangout on Yas Island. A fantastic party crowd, some amazing music and me and my lollipop whistle made for a very entertaining Saturday afternoon. Look out for Blue Marlin coming to the UAE soon!

Man of the Match for his Blue Marlin Antics has to go to Sami AlRais. How he got both me and my brother to start football chanting is beyond me, but it was hysterical!

So you see former Arsenal legend having a little walk about, what do you do? As massive Arsenal fans the only appropriate thing to do for Sam and I was go and have a chat with him. LEGEND!!! I don’t usually get all silly and giggly no matter which ‘famous’ person I meet, but whilst talking to Viera I had the BIGGEST smile on my face.

I’m also so happy that Sam got to meet Bacary Sagna who was at Yas Island with some friends. Although having El-Hadji Diouf confuse my brother for singer Nelly was beyond hilarious!

Neda and I Me and Traknotz aka MajidSam and Fat Joe! The girls, Simran, me and Yasmin and JSam and Gael Clichy

The entire experience of the Formula One down on Yas Island was amazing. I won’t pretend and say I was there for the race – I wasn’t. I was there for the music. I did watch the qualifying race though from the terrace of Cipriani whilst enjoying a meal though, so I did see some of the action. A very special shoutout to my brother Sam, Yasmin, Simran, Majid, Haider, Saif, Varun, Humam, Marwan Parham aka DJ Bliss, Aimee Changco, Immz, Pepsi and Ricky for being part of a weekend I will never forget.

And finally, a checklist for next year:

1. Remember that the best lasagne of Yas Island comes courtesy of room service from the Radisson Blu

2. Don’t ever get in a taxi to Amber Lounge. Taxi drivers will drive you around for an hour trying to find the venue and then it turns out to be pants!

3. Keep a constant supply of lollipop whistles in your handbag. They provide immeasurable entertainment value.

4. Don’t ever walk into the Yas Hotel for breakfast whilst wearing a Snoopy hoody (me) and Sam’s flipflops (Simran)

5. Talk to the hot model who calls you beautiful in Italian rather than getting all shy and flustered!

6. Don’t start laughing so hard you start to cry in front of Hollywood actor Adrien Brody just because hot model’s friend falls into a pond!

7. Sleep in advance. You won’t be sleeping much once the festivities start.

8. Be prepared to yacht hop – a lot!

9. Warn your credit card company. The plastic takes a battering over the weekend.

10. Enjoy every minute of it! Alas, it comes only once a year!

Bisous xoxo


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