Music Mondays: Imran Khan

Did you hear about the girl who broke down in tears in Boudoir Dubai once? Yeah that was me. I have to admit that bawling my eyes out on the dance floor wasn’t my finest moment, but I put it all down to one song; Imran Khan’s “Bewafa”. 

I am a self-confessed softie and cry over almost anything, but breaking down in a club isn’t usually my style. (I’m usually the party starter!) But you know when something really hits a nerve? Yeah well this song does it for me every single time. The story of being betrayed and cheated on by someone you love is probably familiar to many of you. So when this song came on one night, months and months of emotions I had kept bottled up came pouring out of the flood gates and I couldn’t be consoled, no matter what my friends tried.

Fast forward over a year and I’ve learned to associate the song with some happier times. On my birthday this year, I watched Imran Khan perform this song in Dubai and that was a pretty special night. Then after I was introduced to the singer himself at a party, I ended up singing the song back to him! Oh Seher, the things you do at times!

Oh another classic “Bewafa” moment has to be when I demanded that the DJ at Tramp play this for me this summer. I had the girls on the floor in tears of laughter at my pestering the poor guy so much, but it was worth it. Sometimes, a night really does have to end with this song.

P.S. Imran Khan is set to perform in Dubai again on November 10th courtesy of NO.1 Events. Here’s looking forward to my birthday round 2! Singing Seher will be back in action once again!


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