Nicki Who!?

It’s not often that my jaw drops, but mine actually just did. Nicki Minaj is one of the fashion world’s most colourful, yet controversial people and most know for her outrageous outfits on and off stage. So her latest cover and editorial for W Magazine leaves her almost unrecognisable. 

The American singer and rapper has teamed up with Italian artist, Francesco Vezzoli, where she dresses up as various famous 18th century courtesans. She is seen here in a Vera Wang Garza and french tulle ball gown.

Vezzoli, who has worked with the likes of Lady Gaga and Eva Mendes in his fashion-meets-art projects, tells the magazine he was interested in working with Nicki because he ‘wanted to play with the public image of a female hip hop star.’ Massive change from what we are usually used to with Nicki!

Nicki channels Louis XV’s last mistress Jeanne Bécu, Comtesse du Barry in this photo which shows her wearing minimal makeup and an ornate white and blue embroidered gown, by Dior Haute Couture, along with vintage Manolo Blahnik shoes. Damn that dress makes my heart hurt!

Which Nicki do you prefer? The one who wears pom-poms on her butt or dressed as an 18th century courtesan?


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