Megan Fox Armani Campaign

I’m not a massive Megan Fox fan, but there is something simply stunning about her latest campaign for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics. She oozes old school Hollywood glamour so effortlessly.

Although Megan was dropped as the body of Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans in favour of Rihanna, the marketing execs at Armani clearly see that Megan has something worth advertising, so much so that the fashion house is not ready to let her go just yet as she fronts the Christmas cosmetics campaign for the beauty division of Giorgio Armani.

I love how so many beauty looks for this season are focusing on old school glamour rather as nothing is quite as stunning. I was super lucky to win the entire lip gloss collection from Giorgio Armani Cosmetics courtesy of Harvey Nichols at Mall of Emirates and absolutely love all the products in the range! Highly recommended.



2 thoughts on “Megan Fox Armani Campaign

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