Chanel: Une Promenade

It was so incredibly beautiful that I visited 3 times. Chanel at Harrods was one of the most beautifully curated exhibits I have attended in years and after many weeks, I’ve finally got round to sharing these gorgeous pictures with you. 

I was walking along Brompton Road one evening at the beginning of the month on my way to Jak’s when I saw the visual merchandisers at Harrods changing the facade of the Harrods windows. Having seen some distinct Chanel motifs, I tweeted that there was something special going on in store. Curiosity got the better of me and I called one of my Harrods insiders to ask what was going on. The reply – “Be here tomorrow Seher!” Well I always do what I am told, well almost always, so the next day I made my way to my favourite store only to have my breath taken away.

The Chanel at Harrods collaboration was breathtaking. With the air-filled with the distinct scent of Coco Chanel and the beautiful window facade of Brompton Road dripping in pearls and everything uniquely Chanel, you know something special was going on in store.

Stepping through the pearl curtain, you end up in a garden reminiscent of Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2011 show, albeit in a smaller scale. Inspired by Jean Cocteau’s film “Beauty and the Beast”, you feast your eyes on a beautiful mini fountain. Dotted around the garden are the most fabulous Chanel pieces. Do I need a Chanel watering can? No. Do I want a Chanel watering can? Hell yes! Oh and whilst I’m at it, I’ll take the Chanel spade for my mum too! And its been decided that if I EVER go to another music festival that requires that I wear wellington boots, they HAVE to be Chanel!

The exhibit was designed to lead you from room to room. After watching a video of craftsmanship behind the iconic 2.55 bag which was honestly fascinating, I moved into the Children’s Room. To say that I could have spent an entire afternoon playing in this room would be an understatement!

The children’s bedroom was dotted with the famous Harrods teddy bear who had been given his very own Chanel makeover. The doll houses were exquisite and the dolls, well any doll kitted out in the Chanel Byzantine collection would make my heart hurt. Alas, none of these ‘toys’ were for sale, no matter how hard I tried to persuade the curators. Note to self: Chanel cannot be bribed with promise of candy!

The next room was the Haute Couture room. Oh. Em. Gee. I die! I distinctly remember asking if I did die, could I possibly be buried in one of those HUGE boxes! The boxes are in fact what you receive Couture purchases in (if only I could afford it!) The room serves as an archive for Chanel couture. The walls were framed with stunning pieces that you could look at all day and the mannequins dressed in the finest couture Chanel could offer.  The famous Rue de Cambon mirrored walls were replicated especially for this room along with Coco’s preference for Coromandel screens.

Walking through the “Tweed” room in which the wall panels were made out of the same fabric as the iconic Chanel jackets, you enter “Karl’s Library”. With Karl watching over the exhibit, you feel ever so special sharing this space with him. As you carry on walking through the exhibit, you come face to face with a ginormous 2.55 bag. And by ginormous, I mean larger-than-life, I-could-fit-myself-inside, 2.55 bag! Oh it just made me love Chanel even more!

The Chanel experience didn’t end just there. Back down on the Ground Floor, I visited the Chanel Beauty Bar. The candy store style set up was right up my street! To coincide with “Une Promenade” Chanel created the ‘Knightsbridge Collection’ comprising of three shades of lipstick – “Kensington”, “Hyde Park” and “Belgravia”, a vivid lip gloss named “Chelsea” and a powder blush called “Brompton Road.” In the prettiest of pink shades, I bagged myself some goodies and went off to the pop-up shop.

A fitting purchase for the ultimate Chanel at Harrods experience.

“Une Promenade” was definitely one of the finest exhibitions I have attended. If you didn’t get a chance to visit the exhibit, take a look at Harrods beautiful video.

Here’s hoping that Harrods has something extra special lined up for next year too! For more pictures, head over to the Candy & Couture Facebook page.


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