Cocktails with Dannii Minogue

Last week I attended a private launch of ModelCo’s Fibre Lash at The Ivy in London with brand ambassador Dannii Minogue. The event held in conjunction with Boots showcased ModelCo’s Fibre Lash Brush On False Lashes, the ultimate in lash technology. So whilst we sipped cocktails and ate some yummy canapes, Dannii gave us a run down of this new product.

I am a huge fan of false eyelashes, but rarely wear them because I find them way too fidgety and they take too long to put on. I’m usually the one who ends up waiting for my girlfriends to get their lashes on before nights out silently cursing them for taking so long in getting ready (love you girls really!) but when time is of the essence, you really don’t want to be wasting any of it on lashes. So these brush on falsies had to be given a try!

The concept is simple – the kit comes complete with 2 formulations; an extension mascara and lash fibres. After one application of the mascara, you brush on the lash fibres which act like instant lash extensions. Pop on another coat of the lightweight mascara formula which secures the fibres in place, individually coating each lash for false-looking, luscious lashes. The more you apply, the more dramatic the result. Simples.

ModelCo is an Australian company specialising in beauty products designed with models on the go in mind. The partnership with Dannii Minogue as spokesperson for Fibre Lash came from her love of the product. “I was blown away when I first tried FIBRE LASH, it looks completely natural — like your own lashes but so much longer & more luscious…people keep asking what I’m doing differently! It’s so rare to find a product which is innovative and actually delivers on its promise, now I have all my friends & family hooked!” says Dannii.

Okay so what do I think? I tried out the product of Friday night when I went to watch Afrojack perform a set at Luxx. To be honest, I didn’t get to snap a single ‘usable’ picture as I was being a groupie most of the night, but I will get a picture up soon. However I will say this. I found the product really simple to use and rather than leaving my lashes hard and clumpy as I had initially suspected, the Bees Wax and Carnauba Wax which make up part of the ingredients of the products helped keep my lashes soft and nourished. I actually fell asleep without removing my makeup that night (blame Afrojack!) but the next day my lashes were still “falsified” and super soft.

So I think I’ve found a replacement for false lashes at home. I do love my MAC lashes though so I may just revert to those for very special occasions 😉



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