Burberry Nude Collection

No one makes a coat quite like Burberry. And I REALLY mean that. I’ve worked for Burberry. I’ve worked for a lot of labels in fact, but the Burberry coat and the trench coat in particular, is legendary.

The saying is that you should invest more in coats and bags and shoes and you all probably know where my preference lays, but if I could give you one piece of advice, it’s this: invest in a decent coat. (God I sound like my mum!!) But it’s true. A good coat can last you a lifetime.

Currently available on its online store, Burberry’s “Nude” collection features coats in tawny tan and neutral hues. In a range that includes luxurious furs and lustrous leathers, model Cara Delavingne dons the autumn collection with sleek hair and barely there makeup. She looks so pretty!

So as London’s weather turns even more disastrous, it’s time to get the coats out dolls!


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