Confessions of a Shoe Addict: Strass Me Up

Mother may I?! I’m looking at these shoes with an ache in my heart whilst my mum looks on shaking her head in her typical “What am I going to do with this girl” look on her face, because yes, yet again I am in love. With shoes. But can you blame me? Look at them! The “Pigalili Vulcano Strass” and “Very Mix Strass” shoes from Christian Louboutin are works of art. You can’t tell me that if you had either pair of these shoes, you wouldn’t feel like the luckiest girl in the world?!

With studs very much standing their ground this season, you can stand your ground in these very sexy heels and tower over everyone else. Come and join the Louboutin brigade…the view from up here is ever so fabulous!

These are the kind of shoes to wear in front of your haters and let them do the talking. They are seriously that fierce.

Both shoes are available now, but not for long (do you really expect these not to be a sell-out?!) at Christian Louboutin boutiques worldwide. And if you’re in Dubai, head to the stunning new store recently opened at Dubai Mall. I know for a fact that they have the “Very Mix Strass” in stock right now!



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