Look Hot at the Gym with Victoria’s Secret

Hands up if you are guilty of planning your outfit when going to the gym. Go on, admit it! You know you have! I sure as hell know I have and why not? Just because you’re at the gym, doesn’t mean you have to dress like a peasant. Fashion-etiquette still applies. I won’t say go to the gym with a full face of make up on, but looking cute isn’t a crime! Although it can be hard finding clothes that are both gym-appropriate and cute at the same time. That is, until now.

Victoria’s Secret has just launched its VSX Sexy Sport collection which offers the perfect solution for gym clothing dilemmas! Featuring sports bras, performance-enhancing pants and sweats and workout shorts, the collection is styled from technology that moves moisture away from the body to keep skin dry – just what you need to keep you as fresh as a daisy at the gym.

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You may not look like model Erin Heatherton now, but at least you may get the motivation to get your ass into the gym and get those lunges started. Victoria’s Secret, I salute you!



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