Wardrobe Solutions from K-Lynn

How many times has an outfit choice of yours been rethought because of an issue with underwear? Backless dress, but don’t want to go bra-less. What to do? Low plunge dress, but not comfortable wearing it sans lingerie – what’s a girl to do?

Simple solutions are available from K-Lynn, the specialist boutique in the UAE, Jordan, Kuwait and Lebanon. Personally I cannot live without dress tape or my “stick-on” bra which are both available at K-Lynn. You can ruin an outfit with the wrong lingerie worn underneath or have a rotten night out if you are constantly adjusting your straps or making sure your not “popping out” so my tip, invest in some lingerie staples! Trust me, you will thank me for it.

For a list of K-Lynn boutiques click here and visit their Facebook page for my details on their awesome products!


2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Solutions from K-Lynn

    • Thanks for the message. I’ve just added your facebook page and will check out your new products! As a BIG fan of K-Lynn, I’m always looking into new and exciting products 🙂

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